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Optional Practical Training (OPT) offers international students or students having F-1 Visa, in the U.S. with an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in their respective academic field or area of interest.

General Requirements

While most of the students opt for practical training once their studies are completed, students currently in high school are also eligible to start their practical training. The student must be present in the U.S. on F-1 Visa for minimum one academic year, before applying for an OPT job.

Working Hours

If you are pursuing an OPT job during your school year, you are allowed for up to 20 hours a week to work as part-time, while maintaining full-time student status. You can apply either for part-time or full-time practical training during the summer. Usually, students are not required to have a job offer before they apply, but they must make sure that the job they are pursuing is closely related to their major subjects and suitable for their academic level.

Pre-Completion OPT

OPT taken while being enrolled in the course of study is known as “pre-completion OPT”. However, most of the students who want to have practical experience during the school years, go for alternate employment authorization, called “Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Since pre-completion OPT is considered from the 12 months of OPT eligibility, most of the students like to take OPT after their studies completion. Students may begin their OPT application process 120 or fewer days before their requested joining date.

Post-Completion OPT

OPT authorization starting after completion of student’s academic program is known as “Post-completion OPT”. This is the most common OPT type, and is full-time. Students can start OPT job after they complete their academic degree or an exchange program, or after they complete all courses required for their degree, excluding their thesis or equivalent.

Employment Requirements

  • OPT authorizes practical training that is related to the student’s degree or major area of study and as per the academic level. Unrelated OPT employment is not authorized.
  • If you pursue a job not related to your degree or major subjects, or if it doesn’t fulfill the government’s requirements for your OPT type, it is the violation of F1-status, and your F-1 SEVIS record can be terminated anytime by the Customs Enforcement. This termination also cancels OPT authorization, along with making F-1 status in the U.S. invalid.
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