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Since past many years, Transpark has been the best and comprehensive platform for retaining the international talent and skills required by the U.S. businesses across various industries.

  • We bring transformative and productive CPT job opportunities for international students seeking for industry exposure and gaining a multitude of skills, working in a professional US-based company, during their academics.
  • We provide local employers and international students with resources and training on pertinent immigration regulations, information regarding an OPT job search in the U.S., and help with inter-cultural issues that both international applicants and employers may come across during the placement process.
  • Getting listed at Transpark makes sure that international students easily recognize you as the reputed U.S. employer, by displaying your logo and complete information with your job postings throughout our network.
  • Transpark takes into consideration the international students’ career path and expectations on an individual basis and helps them find the interesting employment opportunities that best match with their profile, both in terms of position and growth potential.

What Do We Do?

We provide OPT Jobs.

Transpark focuses on diversifying and strengthening the U.S. economy by retaining top international talent. Through retention of best-quality talent, Transpark is the catalyst that lessens the skills gap across all industries and cultivates an environment in which the U.S. businesses remain competitive in the changing economy.

We provide CPT Jobs.

Transpark, being a bridge between CPT jobs opportunities and students, has successfully enrolled thousands of students in a number of U.S companies. Transpark is the No. 1 U.S-based job portal where candidates can search OPT/CPT jobs posted on 1,000's of websites and apply for the best-matching opportunities, absolutely free of cost.

We provide Employer Services.

Transpark brings you the fastest and cutting-edge solution to find great international candidates. At Transpark, the U.S. employers enjoy an infinite number of job listings and get an instant access to thousands of candidates highly relevant to the skillset they are looking for, for different OPT, CPT and other training-oriented job roles in their company.

We provide Student Services.

Transpark, a U.S-based job portal, has successfully been connecting millions of talented students and skilled candidates to their dream OPT/CPT job opportunities all across the U.S, since past many years. We serve as a one-stop shop where candidates can search OPT/CPT jobs posted on 1,000's of websites and apply for the best-matching opportunities, absolutely free of cost.

We Are Dedicated! To your success.
Our portal, being compatible with Android and IOS devices, lets you post your resume or apply for the specific OPT/CPT jobs even from your tablet or smartphone

With Transpark, Your Next Career Move is a just a click away!

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We are Transpark, U.S Best Job Portal for International Students to Start a Career.

Transpark is listed with thousands of OPT/CPT jobs opportunities available at U.S. topmost employers who are seeking the best international talent pool to fill their positions.